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Band Of Brothers

Bob is our Men's group here at Cornerstone. If you are a man and your wife or girlfriend will let you, we would love for you to join us. If you are single then you have no excuses. Seriously, we have a great group of men that are dedicated to blessing each others lives and seeing God glorified. We hope you will come and be a part of the men's group at Cornerstone. We meet every Sunday morning at 10AM and we have a Men's dinner the first Monday night of every month at 7PM.

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Women of Worship

Wow is our women's group here at Cornerstone. If you are a lady and your looking for your next blessing, look no further. We have a powerful group of women that have a lot of fun together and care deeply about praising God. We meet every Sunday morning at 10AM and the second Monday night of each month at 7PM. Come be a part of this life changing group.

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Breakout is a coed adult group that meets every Wednesday night at 7PM. This group offers some incredible teaching within a very laid back atmosphere. Feel free to tell your story, ask a question, or add a point to what is being taught. The lessons are taught by two leaders who have studied the same topic, only not together. This makes for some exciting and fresh teaching. We hope you will join us.